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2017-01-30 macOS 10.12.1 And iOS 10.2 Kernel Userspace Pointer Memory Corruption Vulnerability 197 R D Google Security Research
2017-01-30 macOS 10.12.1 And iOS Kernel 'host_self_trap' Use-After-Free Vulnerability 198 R D Google Security Research
2017-01-30 Man-db Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 182 R D halfdog
2017-01-30 Systemd 228 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 167 R D Sebastian Krahmer
2017-01-30 Autodesk Backburner Manager 3 2016.0.0.2150 Null Dereference Denial of Service Vulnerability 209 R D b0nd
2017-01-24 Oracle OpenJDK Runtime Environment Build 1.8.0_112-b15 Denial Of Service Vulnerability 471 R D Roman Shalymov
2017-01-24 Python 2.x Buffer Overflow POC Vulnerability 506 R D sultan albalawi
2017-01-24 Oracle OpenJDK Runtime Environment 1.8.0_112-b15 Java Serialization Denial Of Service Vulnerability 570 R D ERPScan
2017-01-23 SunOS 5.11 Remote ICMP Weakness Kernel DoS Exploit 389 R D Todor Donev
2017-01-21 SAP ASE ODATA Server 16 Denial Of Service Vulnerability 481 R D Vahagn Vardanyan
2017-01-13 SAPlpd 7.40 Denial of Service Vulnerability 876 R D Peter Baris
2017-01-13 Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k.sys NtSetWindowLongPtr Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 856 R D Rick Larabee
2017-01-13 Microsoft Windows 8.1 (x64) RGNOBJ Integer Overflow Vulnerability 842 R D Saif
2017-01-13 Boxoft Wav v1.1.0.0 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 853 R D vulnerability lab
2017-01-09 Free M4a to MP3 Converter 9.3 DLL Hijacking Vulnerability 771 R D ZwX
2017-01-08 EMC ScaleIO Multiple Vulnerabilities 845 R D David Berard
2017-01-08 Google Android max86902 Driver 'sysfs' Interfaces Race Condition Vulnerability 919 R D Google Security Research
2017-01-07 Directadmin ControlPanel 1.50.1 denial of service Vulnerability 1248 R D IeDb.Ir
2017-01-05 Internet Download Accelerator Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 826 R D Fady Mohamed Osman
2017-01-05 Samsung OTP OTP_GET_CRYPTO_DERIVED_KEY Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 472 R D Google Security Research