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2016-11-10 Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k Denial of Service (MS16-135) Vulnerability 366 R D TinySec
2016-11-10 LSASS SMB NTLM Exchange Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability 391 R D laurent gaffie
2016-11-10 Windows Host Service VBScript 5.8.7600.16385 / 5.8.9600.16384 Out-of-Bounds Read Vulnerability 402 R D Skylined
2016-11-10 Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 LDAP RootDSE Netlogon Denial of Service PoC Vulnerability 506 R D Todor Donev
2016-11-08 LanWhoIs.exe SEH Local Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 245 R D H3ku
2016-11-08 Linux Kernel TCP Related Read Use-After-Free Vulnerability 250 R D Marco Grassi
2016-11-08 Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 MSHTML CPtsTextParaclient::CountApes Out-of-Bounds Read Vulnerability 284 R D Skylined
2016-11-07 Linux Kernel EXT4 Error Handling Denial Of Service Vulnerability 295 R D Multiple
2016-11-07 WinaXe 7.7 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 266 R D hyp3rlinx
2016-11-07 Axessh 4.2.2 Denial Of Service Vulnerability 248 R D hyp3rlinx
2016-11-07 Microsoft Windows Server AD LDAP RootDSE Netlogon Denial Of Service Vulnerability 250 R D Todor Donev
2016-11-04 Android 'gpsOneXtra' Data Files Denial of Service Vulnerability 383 R D Nightwatch Cybersecurity Resea
2016-11-04 VOX Music Player 2.8.8 '.pls' Local Crash PoC Vulnerability 383 R D Antonio Z.
2016-11-04 Mozilla Firefox 49.0.1 Denial of Service Vulnerability 313 R D sultan albalawi
2016-11-04 SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise 16 Denial of Service Vulnerability 339 R D ERPScan
2016-11-04 SAP NetWeaver KERNEL 7.0 And 7.5 Denial of Service Vulnerability 324 R D ERPScan
2016-11-04 Microsoft Edge Heap Overflow Vulnerability 238 R D Google Security Research
2016-11-04 Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.3.28 .ovf Crash PoC Vulnerability 210 R D sultan albalawi
2016-11-04 RealPlayer .QCP Crash PoC Vulnerability 201 R D Alwin Peppels
2016-11-04 SmallFTPd 1.0.3 Command Denial Of Service Vulnerability 202 R D ScrR1pTK1dd13