EyeLock nano NXT 3.5 Local File Disclosure Vulnerability Vendor: EyeLock, LLC Product web page: http://www.eyelock.com Affected version: NXT Firmware: 3.05.1193 (ICM: 3.5.1) NXT Firmware: 3.04.1108 (ICM: 3.4.13) NXT Firmware: 3.03.944 (ICM: 3.3.2) NXT Firmware: 3.01.646 (ICM: 3.1.13) Platform: Hardware (Biometric Iris Reader (master)) Summary: Nano NXT is the most advanced compact iris-based identity authentication device in Eyelock's comprehensive suite of end-to-end identity authentication solutions. Nano NXT is a miniaturized iris-based recognition system capable of providing real-time identification, both in-motion and at a distance. The Nano NXT is an ideal replacement for card-based systems, and seamlessly controls access to turnstiles, secured entrances, server rooms and any other physical space. Similarly the device is powerful and compact enough to secure high-value transactions, critical databases, network workstations or any other information system. Desc: nano NXT suffers from a file disclosure vulnerability when input passed thru the 'path' parameter to 'logdownload.php' script is not properly verified before being used to read files. This can be exploited to disclose contents of files from local resources. ================================================================================== /scripts/logdownload.php: ------------------------- 1: ================================================================================== Tested on: GNU/Linux (armv7l) lighttpd/1.4.35 SQLite/ PHP/5.6.6 Vulnerability discovered by Gjoko 'LiquidWorm' Krstic @zeroscience Advisory ID: ZSL-2016-5356 Advisory URL: http://www.zeroscience.mk/en/vulnerabilities/ZSL-2016-5356.php 10.06.2016 -- # Iranian Exploit DataBase = http://IeDb.Ir [2016-08-11]