[+] Credits: John Page aka hyp3rlinx [+] Website: hyp3rlinx.altervista.org [+] Source: http://hyp3rlinx.altervista.org/advisories/INTEL-LOCAL-MGTM-SERVICE-PRIVILEGE-ESCALATION.txt [+] ISR: ApparitionSec Vendor: ============= www.intel.com Product: =========== Intel Management and Security Application Local Management Service LMS.exe v7.1.13.1088 File Hash: f4a17dcab576267c85663e64f3ace5a4 This is a Windows service. This service provides essentials process support for local application management and security. Vulnerability Type: =================== Privilege Escalation (Unquoted Service Path) Vulnerability Details: ===================== "LMS.exe" installs with an unquoted service path running with SYSTEM privileges. If a local malicious user places thier own executable named "Program.exe" in the path of the service and it is restarted or on system reboot, this can allow the user arbitrary code execution to the level of the account that starts the service (SYSTEM). c:\>sc qc LMS [SC] QueryServiceConfig SUCCESS SERVICE_NAME: LMS TYPE : 10 WIN32_OWN_PROCESS START_TYPE : 2 AUTO_START (DELAYED) ERROR_CONTROL : 1 NORMAL BINARY_PATH_NAME : C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel(R) Management Engine Components\LMS\LMS.exe LOAD_ORDER_GROUP : TAG : 0 DISPLAY_NAME : Intel(R) Management and Security Application Local Management Service DEPENDENCIES : SERVICE_START_NAME : LocalSystem Exploitation Technique: ======================= Local Severity Level: ================ Medium [+] Disclaimer The information contained within this advisory is supplied "as-is" with no warranties or guarantees of fitness of use or otherwise. Permission is hereby granted for the redistribution of this advisory, provided that it is not altered except by reformatting it, and that due credit is given. Permission is explicitly given for insertion in vulnerability databases and similar, provided that due credit is given to the author. The author is not responsible for any misuse of the information contained herein and accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the use or misuse of this information. The author prohibits any malicious use of security related information or exploits by the author or elsewhere. hyp3rlinx # Iranian Exploit DataBase = http://IeDb.Ir [2016-11-12]