KL-001-2017-011 : Barracuda WAF Internal Development Credential Disclosure Title: Barracuda WAF Internal Development Credential Disclosure Advisory ID: KL-001-2017-011 Publication Date: 2017.07.06 Publication URL: https://www.korelogic.com/Resources/Advisories/KL-001-2017-011.txt 1. Vulnerability Details Affected Vendor: Barracuda Affected Product: Web Application Firewall V360 Affected Version: Firmware v8.0.1.014 Platform: Embedded Linux CWE Classification: CWE-489: Leftover Debug Code, CWE-200: Information Exposure Impact: Privileged Access Attack vector: Code Review 2. Vulnerability Description Firmware reversing of the Barracuda Web Application Firewall uncovered development artifacts that should have been removed on the production images. Once the encryption scheme was broken, many QA and development tools were discovered on the affected partitions. Some of these contained sensitive information such as authentication credentials used by internal developers. 3. Technical Description root@(none):/realroot/root# grep -ri "bospw" *|more newfile/lib/Stub.pm: 'BOSPW' => undef, newfile/lib/Stub.pm: my $bospw = $self->_retrieve_bos_pw(); newfile/lib/Stub.pm: $self->_set_BOSPW($bospw); newfile/lib/Stub.pm: my $bospw = Postbuild::get_bos_pw(); newfile/lib/Stub.pm: my $url = "https://$bospw\@ops.barracudanetworks.com:443/cgi-old/createserialkey.cgi?model=$tmpmodel&date=$date&mac=$tmpMAC&revision=$tmprevision&hw=$tmphw&devel=$devel&vm=$vm& platform=$platform&buildkey=$bdvers"; newfile/lib/Stub.pm: $bospw = Postbuild::get_bos_pw(); newfile/lib/Stub.pm: $url = "https://$bospw\@ops.barracudanetworks.com:443/cgi-old/createserialkey.cgi?model=$tmpmodel&date=$date&mac=$tmpMAC&revision=$tmprevision&hw=$tmphw&devel=$devel&vm=$vm &platform=$platform&dest_country=$ship_code&buildkey=$bdvers"; newfile/lib/Stub.pm: my $bospw; newfile/lib/Stub.pm: if ( -f "/root/bospw" ) { newfile/lib/Stub.pm: open IN, "/root/bospw"; newfile/lib/Stub.pm: $bospw = ; newfile/lib/Stub.pm: chomp($bospw); newfile/lib/Stub.pm: $bospw = "manufacturing:N3rfH3rders"; newfile/lib/Stub.pm: return $bospw; newfile/lib/Stub.pm:sub _get_BOSPW() { newfile/lib/Stub.pm: return $self->{'BOSPW'}; newfile/lib/Stub.pm:sub _set_BOSPW() { newfile/lib/Stub.pm: my ($self, $BOSPW) = @_; newfile/lib/Stub.pm: $self->{'BOSPW'} = $BOSPW; newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: my $bospw = "manufacturing:N3rfH3rders"; newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: if( -f "/root/bospw" ) { newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: open IN, "/root/bospw"; newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: $bospw = ; newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: chomp($bospw); newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: return $bospw; newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: my $bospw = get_bos_pw(); newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: my $url = "https://$bospw\@ops.barracuda.com:443/cgi-old/createserialkey.cgi?model=$tmpmodel&date=$date&mac=$tmpMAC&revision=$tmprevision&hw=$tmphw&devel=$devel&vm=$vm&pl atform=$platform&bdvers=$bdvers"; newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: $url = "https://$bospw\@ops.barracuda.com:443/cgi-old/createserialkey.cgi?model=$tmpmodel&date=$date&mac=$tmpMAC&revision=$tmprevision&hw=$tmphw&devel=$devel&vm=$ vm&platform=$platform&dest_country=$ship_code&bdvers=$bdvers"; newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: my $bospw = get_bos_pw(); newfile/lib/Postbuild.pm: my $url = "https://$bospw\@ops.barracudanetworks.com:443/~order/prod_void.cgi?void_serial=$serial"; postbuild-code-platform-2.tar.gz.integrit:!/root/bospw qaclear: unlink("/root/bospw"); qaclear.2:unlink("/root/bospw"); qapass:my @bospw = ("manufacturing:N3rfH3rders"); qapass:my $extrabospw = injectAndGet("__METHOD__://__POSTBUILDIP__/postbuild/files/os_updates2/root/bospw", { METHOD => [ "http", "https" ], POSTBUILDIP => [ "mfg-postbuild.englab.cudanet.local" ] }, 10 ); qapass:if( defined($extrabospw) ) { qapass: unshift @bospw, split(/\n/, $extrabospw); qapass: $url = "https://__BOSPW__\@__BOSIP__/~order/prod_accept.cgi?serial=$serial&wh=$warehouse&firmware=$firmware" qapass: $url = "https://__BOSPW__\@__BOSIP__/~order/prod_accept.cgi?serial=$serial&firmware=$firmware"; qapass:if (!defined(injectAndGet($url, { BOSPW => \@bospw, BOSIP => \@bosip } ))) { qapass:$url = "https://__BOSPW__\@__BOSIP__/cgi-bin/get_serial_status.cgi?serial=$serial"; qapass:my $content = injectAndGet($url, { BOSPW => \@bospw, BOSIP => \@bosip } ); qapass:$url = "https://__BOSPW__\@__BOSIP__/cgi-bin/shipping.cgi?option=qadocs&xlist=1&box_label=1&printer_loc=manufacturing&submit=Print&serial_id=$serial&override=$serial$loc_string"; qapass: $url = "https://__BOSPW__\@__BOSIP__/cgi-bin/shipping.cgi?option=qadocs&xlist=1&box_label=1&link_code=1&printer_loc=manufacturing&submit=Print&serial_id=$serial&override=$serial$loc_string"; qapass:if( !defined(injectAndGet($url, { BOSPW => \@bospw, BOSIP => \@bosip })) ) { qapass:$url = "https://__BOSPW__\@__BOSIP__/cgi-bin/shipping.cgi?option=qadocs&serial_label=1&printer_loc=manufacturing&submit=Print&serial_id=$serial&override=$serial$loc_string"; qapass:if( !defined(injectAndGet($url, { BOSPW => \@bospw, BOSIP => \@bosip })) ) { 4. Mitigation and Remediation Recommendation The vendor has patched this vulnerability in the lastest virtual appliance release. 5. Credit This vulnerability was discovered by Matt Bergin (@thatguylevel) of KoreLogic, Inc. and Joshua Hardin. 6. Disclosure Timeline 2016.12.20 - KoreLogic sends vulnerability report and PoC to Barracuda. 2016.12.21 - Barracuda acknowledges receipt of the vulnerability report. 2017.01.09 - Barracuda informs KoreLogic that they are working on remediation for this issue. 2017.01.26 - Barracuda asks for additional time beyond the standard 45 business day embargo to address this and other issues reported by KoreLogic. 2017.02.27 - 45 business days have elapsed since the issue was reported. 2017.04.10 - 75 business days have elapsed since the issue was reported. 2017.05.15 - 100 business days have elapsed since the issue was reported. 2017.05.24 - Barracuda updates KoreLogic on the status of the remediation efforts. 2017.06.13 - 120 business days have elapsed since the issue was reported. 2017.06.27 - Barracuda informs KoreLogic that the issue has been fixed in the latest release of the WAF virtual appliance. 2017.07.06 - KoreLogic public disclosure. 7. Proof of Concept See 3. 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