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2017-03-21 Mozilla Firefox Table Use-After-Free Vulnerability 834 R D Google Security Research
2017-03-21 EMC RecoverPoint SSL Stripping Vulnerability 224 R D EMC
2017-03-18 USB Pratirodh Insecure Password Storage Vulnerability 351 R D Sachin Wagh
2017-03-18 Skype DLL Hijacking Vulnerability 361 R D Sachin Wagh
2017-03-18 AppSamvid DLL Hijacking Vulnerability 348 R D Sachin Wagh
2017-03-18 Windows DVD Maker 6.1.7 XXE Injection Vulnerability 355 R D hyp3rlinx
2017-03-14 VirtualBox escape from shared folder Vulnerability 571 R D Google Security Research
2017-03-13 SICUNET Access Controller 0.32-05z Multiple Vulnerabilities 579 R D Andrew Griffiths
2017-03-10 USBPcap Null Pointer Dereference Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 602 R D Parvez Anwar
2017-03-10 WTServer-17.02 DLL Loading Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability 598 R D Nassim Asrir
2017-03-07 Deluge 1.3.13 Cross Site Request Forgery And Code Execution Vulnerability 731 R D Kyle Neideck
2017-03-07 Ettercap 0.8.2 Etterfilter Out-Of-Bounds Read Vulnerability 584 R D AromalUllas
2017-03-07 CyberGhost Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 598 R D Kacper Szurek
2017-03-04 Cisco AnyConnect SBL 4.3.04027 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 752 R D Pcchillin
2017-02-28 Linux Kernel 4.4.0 Ubuntu DCCP Double-Free Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 947 R D Andrey Konovalov
2017-02-26 Shutter 0.93.1 Code Execution Vulnerability 851 R D Prajith P
2017-02-19 Xshell5 5.0 Build 1124 DLL Hijacking Vulnerability 1180 R D Nassim Asrir
2017-02-19 QEMU Host Filesystem Arbitrary Access Vulnerability 1029 R D Google Security Research
2017-02-18 Adobe Flash Player 'ActionGetURL2' Out-of-Bounds Memory Corruption Vulnerability 1221 R D Francis Provencher of COSIG
2017-02-17 MailEnable Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 984 R D hyp3rlinx