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2016-10-10 MP3 Stream Editor 3.4 DLL Hijacking Vulnerability 539 R D ZwX
2016-10-10 Waves Audio Service Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 514 R D Ross Marks
2016-10-09 CHERRY B.UNLIMITED AES JD-0400EU-2/01 Spoof Attack Vulnerability 582 R D SySS
2016-10-09 Logitech M520 Y-R0012 Spoof Attack Vulnerability 488 R D SySS
2016-10-09 Perixx PERIDUO-710W KG-1027 Spoof Attack Vulnerability 557 R D SySS
2016-10-09 Aura Video Converter 1.6.3 DLL Hijacking Vulnerability 581 R D ZwX
2016-10-09 Clean Master 1.0 Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 456 R D ZwX
2016-10-09 Clean Master v1.0 - Unquoted Path Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 277 R D Vulnerability Lab
2016-10-09 Clean Master v1.0 - Unquoted Path Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 170 R D Vulnerability Lab
2016-10-07 Comodo Chromodo Browser Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 250 R D Yunus YILDIRIM
2016-10-07 Comodo Dragon Browser Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 367 R D Yunus YILDIRIM
2016-09-16 Multiple Icecream Apps Insecure File Permissions Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 1337 R D Tulpa
2016-09-16 PrivateTunnel Client v2.7.0 (x64) Local Credentials Disclosure After Sign out Exploit Vulnerability 1192 R D Yakir Wizman
2016-09-16 Android getpidcon Usage binder Service Replacement Race Condition Vulnerability 1294 R D Google Security Research
2016-09-16 PHP 7.0.10 Heap overflow in mysqlnd related to BIT fields Vulnerability 1277 R D themadbat
2016-09-16 PHP 7.0.10 Out of bound when verify signature of zip phar in phar_parse_zipfile Vulnerability 1274 R D nguyenvuhoang199321
2016-09-16 PHP 7.0.10 Out-Of-Bounds Read in php_wddx_push_element of wddx.c Vulnerability 1195 R D Tencent's Xuanwu LAB
2016-09-16 NetBSD mail.local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 1288 R D Metasploit
2016-08-31 Avira Free Antivirus DLL Hijacking Vulnerability 2054 R D Stefan Kanthak
2016-08-31 ZKTeco ZKTime.Net Insecure File Permissions Vulnerability 1997 R D LiquidWorm