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2017-01-13 Cisco Firepower Management Console 6.0 Post Authentication UserAdd Vulnerability 598 R D Metasploit
2017-01-11 Brave Browser 1.2.16 and 1.9.56 Address Bar URL Spoofing Vulnerability 751 R D Aaditya Purani
2017-01-11 DiskBoss Enterprise 7.5.12 Buffer Overflow (SEH) Vulnerability 694 R D Wyndell Bibera
2017-01-08 Android maxdsm Driver Kernel Information Disclosure Vulnerability 925 R D Google Security Research
2017-01-08 Intuit QuickBooks Desktop 2017 Credential Disclosure Vulnerability 847 R D Maxim Tomashevich
2017-01-08 Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) 'chakra.dll' Info Leak And Type Confusion Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 877 R D Brian Pak
2017-01-05 PDFAdd 1.2 DLL Hijacking Vulnerability 892 R D ZwX
2017-01-05 TIMA Arbitrary Kernel Module Verification Bypass Vulnerability 868 R D Google Security Research
2017-01-05 TinyPDF Installer DLL Hijacking And Unsafe Temp Directory Vulnerability 868 R D Stefan Kanthak
2017-01-05 Zyxel/Eir D1000 DSL Modem NewNTPServer Command Injection Vulnerability 531 R D Metasploit
2017-01-05 IDA FTP SEH Universal exploit 360 R D Fady Mohammed Osman
2016-12-27 OpenSSH 7.4 - agent Protocol Arbitrary Library Loading Vulnerability 891 R D Google Security Research
2016-12-25 NETGEAR WNR2000v5 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 806 R D Pedro Ribeiro
2016-12-20 Horos 2.1.0 Web Portal Directory Traversal Vulnerability 967 R D LiquidWorm
2016-12-17 macOS 10.12 XNU UaF due to lack of locking in set_dp_control_port Vulnerability 1094 R D ianbeer
2016-12-17 APT Repository Signing Bypass via Memory Allocation Failure Vulnerability 972 R D Google Security Research
2016-12-17 Nagios < 4.2.2 Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability 997 R D Dawid Golunski
2016-12-17 Horos 2.1.0 Web Portal Remote Information Disclosure Exploit 980 R D LiquidWorm
2016-12-14 McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise for Linux Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 1214 R D Andrew Fasano
2016-12-11 FreeBSD/Apple libc link_ntoa() buffer overflow Vulnerability 1403 R D FreeBSD