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2016-12-17 Nagios < 4.2.2 Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability 984 R D Dawid Golunski
2016-12-17 Horos 2.1.0 Web Portal Remote Information Disclosure Exploit 967 R D LiquidWorm
2016-12-14 McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise for Linux Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 1208 R D Andrew Fasano
2016-12-11 FreeBSD/Apple libc link_ntoa() buffer overflow Vulnerability 1396 R D FreeBSD
2016-12-11 Microsoft Remote Desktop Client For Mac 8.0.36 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 897 R D Filippo Cavallarin
2016-12-08 Sony IPELA ENGINE IP Cameras Backdoor Accounts Vulnerability 985 R D Stefan Viehbock
2016-12-08 PwC ACE Software For SAP Security 8.10.304 ABAP Injection Vulnerability 823 R D Mert Suoglu
2016-12-08 Dup Scout Enterprise 9.1.14 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 652 R D vportal
2016-12-08 DiskBoss Enterprise 7.4.28 'GET' Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 660 R D vportal
2016-12-08 Android Inter-Process munmap with User-Controlled Size in Vulnerability 680 R D Google Security Research
2016-12-08 Microsoft Internet Explorer jscript9 Java­Script­Stack­Walker Memory Corruption (MS15-056) Vulnerability 657 R D Skylined
2016-12-05 BlackStratus LOGStorm And Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 670 R D Jeremy Brown
2016-12-05 Alcatel Lucent Omnivista 8770 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability 494 R D malerisch
2016-12-05 Apache ActiveMQ 5.11.1 And 5.13.2 Directory Traversal And Command Execution Vulnerability 508 R D David Jorm
2016-12-05 Microsoft Windows Media Center "ehshell.exe" XML External Entity Vulnerability 335 R D hyp3rlinx
2016-12-05 Microsoft Excel Starter 2010 XML External Entity Vulnerability 308 R D hyp3rlinx
2016-12-05 Microsoft Authorization Manager "azman" XML External Entity Vulnerability 324 R D hyp3rlinx
2016-12-02 Disk Savvy Enterprise 9.1.14 'GET' Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 500 R D vportal
2016-11-30 Apache OpenOffice 1.0 Windows Installer Trojan Execution Vulnerability 639 R D Cyril Vallicari
2016-11-30 Disk Pulse Enterprise 9.1.16 Login Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 627 R D Tulpa